In Hoi An,  I eventually found the traditional and true Vietnam.
In my thoughts, the Vietnam is really pleasant, but when I travelling Vietnam, I haven’t realized yet until I travelling Hoian.
It saw  the rice paddy fields, a great blue sky and water buffalos when I come to  Hoian. This is unique  that I can’t miss out in Vietnam in general and in Hoian in particular.

The best way to enjoy beauty and peace spot in Hoian is take a tour run by volunteer students or free tour guide because they’re local students, so they know more about their areas and they’re really friendly to talk and share. Sometimes, you can set your foot in special place under their instruction and make your holiday impressive.

Tra Que village

Tra Que village

Along the street to Tra Que village, you can see farmers who work very hard on their rice paddy fields, or you can see the farmers, sometime children riding on their own buffalo or in some cases, you can see the farmers invite and instruct the tourist to get closer or ride it. If you want to take a photo with buffalo, to make sure that it’s compeletely free. Or if you want to ride the buffalo, remember to ask the price before riding on it. The best way for you is take the tour with volunteer students and they can offer you the best price for riding buffalo. It’s very cheap and the farmers is very enthusiatic.

Hoi An is not only its ancient town: if you were looking to get that well deserved relax, you’ll love to know there are two beaches in Hoi An.

Rice paddy fields in Hoian

Rice paddy fields in Hoian

You know, you can find many places to relax in Hoian, I strongly recommend An Bang beach in Hoian. It’s about 3 km from the main town, and it’s safe to swim. An Bang beach in Hoian is considered one of the best beaches in Vietnam.

On the way to An Bang beach Hoian, you will have opportunity to see wonderful paddy fields, and It’s great for you to lie on the chair, under the umbrellas, wear your sunglasses and enjoy your own heaven.

An Bang beach Hoian

An Bang beach Hoian

How about food?

You haven’t come to Hoian yet if you haven’t tried white roses yet, shrimp dumplings made from translucent rice dough, and made in a way they look like roses.

And if you really want to try this dish, let go to Hoi An restaurants and come to White Rose Restaurant. When you come here, you can try other traditional and special dishes that It’s great, too.

White rose Hoian

White rose Hoian

Where to drink? 

This is the most special thing I found in Hoian. The atmosphere is really tranquil although there are a lot of tourists coming everyday. You not only drink coffee but also enjoy cookies and light snacks.

That is Reaching Out Tea House. It’s located in town centre. Because the employees is deaf, so you must you pieces of paper sticked on slice of wood to show which drink you want or which cookies you want. Personally, I really appreciate this place.

Reaching out tea house in Hoian

Reaching out tea house in Hoian

If you ever pass by Hoi An, folks, please pay a visit here… your coffee will really make the difference.

Hoi An also provides all kinds of places to stay and suit with your budget. I really like staying in Tribee hostel. Or you can stay at Christia’s Hoian. The staff is really nice and friendly, they will offer you the best tour to do and the best place to go.

Christina Hoian

Christina Hoian

Travelling Hoian, you must take the cooking classes. It’s very popular in Hoian. In some hotel, they offer a free cooking class a few times a week. And If you want to learn about Hoian foods, you can take cooking classes outside with a small charge. Another option for you is take traditional meal in Hoian Mates, you can learn how to prepare a very traditional meal of Vietnamese people.

Enjoy your holiday!

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